Make Your Appliances Go Further

When it comes to you and your home there are few things that are going to rack up the costs long term more so than your home appliances and the maintenance of them. There are a lot of culprits when it comes to the hemorrhaging of your money when it comes to appliances, but there is one that usually reins supreme. I am speaking of coarse of your washing machine.

One of the biggest ways that your washing machine will fail you is that you could end up with a leaky washing machine. This can have some big issues for you and your laundry room to the tune of ending up with a flood on your laundry room floor. This is what our neighbors to the south would refer to as no buenos. t

This is can be an easy fix and learn a thing or two before you go head on into solving this one. First of all there is the obvious problem which would be that you check the water hoses that are connected to the back of the machine, ensure that there are nice smooth connections, and that it is tightened all the way. After that if it persists and want to just do a quick easy fix, get yourself some plumbers tape and coat the threading 7 or 8 times.

If its a leak it is most likely coming from a small crack in the rubber. If so, you’ll need to replace the faulty hose in a timely fashion. If you neglect to do so the crack can propagate into a much large problem. When doing this make sure you turn off the water supply so you don’t come home to a flood and buy a new hose at the hardware store. To install it, just go ahead and unscrew and remove the old hose, then screw the new one in and tighten it with a wrench.

zHere is a pro-tip for you. Buy yourself a braided hoses, they’re more expensive but also more durable.

If this is something that results in a mold mold spots on the walls. If you ignore them, you could develop allergies and other respiratory issues. don’t worry this too can be an easy fix if you play your cars right. To remove the fungi with a mixture of 1 cup of bleach and one cup of warm water. Then go ahead and scrub the area thoroughly. Then rinse with clean water. When the spot drys out, repaint it. (if this is a wide spread problem then you should really consider consulting an expert.)

Here is another expert pro tip for you. consider using a mildew resistant latex paint to help prevent further growth.

There is very few things that is more destructive than damage caused by water or moisture for your home. So if you are going to install any water system in your house and don’t know what you are doing call up the pros. It may seem like more of an upfront cost, but you will save in the long run.

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