Get the Most Out of Your Kitchen Appliances

Whether it’s a blender, a food processor, a solar air heater, an egg beater or a coffee grinder, there’s no point buying yourself a new and exciting appliance if you’re not prepared to get the most out of it. What kind of appliance owner would you be if you didn’t use your appliances appropriately, or with the proper reverence and form? This article will teach you how to appreciate each and every appliance you own as well as how to operate them properly so that they have the longest lifetime possible without any unnecessary hiccups.

egg beaterRegardless of what appliance you have, you don’t want to start using a tool without taking some time to yourself to contemplate the way you want to use that tool that day. Are you going to whip up some eggs before scrambling them? Do you need to mix up a lot of dry ingredients with raw canned pumpkin? Either way, take a moment to focus on this task before you embark on it. Take a few deep breaths and visualize yourself performing the task with wisdom and grace. Align your hips over your feet and imagine your feet being anchored into the center of the earth. You are ready to beat eggs.

…Or at least you might think you are. But next comes the entire set-up process. Is your egg beater in the proper place. If not, where is it? Did your son perhaps misplace it after finishing up his last homemade frosting misadventure? If it is in its proper place, has it been properly cleaned, and is there a functioning and properly maintained outlet nearby your kitchen work station in which you can plug that outlet? Do not move forward with operating your appliance until you have determined that all of these factors are properly adjusted to be in working order.

blenderNow you’re ready to begin using your appliance. Study the apparatus and consult its manual if there are any buttons, triggers or switches that you are unfamiliar with or need brushing up on. If it is a device with varying speeds or power, start on the lowest speed, allow the device to warm up, and slowly proceed to higher speeds as your circumstances necessitate more power. Stand up straight when you use the appliance and make sure that all dangling clothing, jewelry or hair styles are under control and out of the way before you start operating the appliance. You don’t want to get sucked in.

When you have finally finished up with your appliance and performed whatever necessary task, be sure to unplug your appliance and inspect it for any defective features that may have sprung up during your last use. Disassemble the device as necessary to clean it thoroughly, then leave it out to dry or dry it by hand. Reassemble the device before putting it way to avoid misplacing any small or finicky parts and wrap the power cord around the appliance so that it isn’t pulled or lost in whatever cabinets or lazy susans that it calls home. Thank the device from your heart. You have finished.

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