Cool Design When The Weather Heats Up

Lets face it, when it comes to the heat of August a lot of us wish we could just curl up into a cocoon and just wait it out until fall and we can all we people again capable of thought and reasonable discourse. Unfortunately the technology simply isn’t there and if you want to continue living you are going to have to face this heat head on and make decisions in your life that better equip you to deal with it and maybe even enjoy certain aspects of it. I know I won’t hold my breath for you to think of them now, but there are out there, and man they are smokin.

If you can’t escape the city, at least try to make your apartment a refuge from the humidity and more importantly sometimes, and especially if you live in China Town. One thing to do first of all is make sure you have that air moving in your apartment and make sure you can save up and get an air conditioner unit. NASA found recently that there is actually no greater increase of quality of life for the cost of ownership that will affect your life more so than becoming the owner and operator of a AC unit so get it together man and get yourself an AC. “people are seeking a space of comfort and wanting to make a respite from the world. its about bringing everything down to a more casual level in your home, as well as creating a more hospitable environment for your guests.”

Another piece of furniture that is a great way to beat the heat as well as give you a place to beat the sheets is the purchase of a hammock. Hammocks really are something special and you are going to be able to get 360 air flow around all your parts. The biggest contributor to over heating while you rest is the fact that one side of you is constantly heating up a mattress that is pressed tight against your body and incapable of getting any air flow, So switching over to a hammock during those summer months will make you the bell of the ball.

Some New Yorkers are lucky enough to have a garden rooftop, we call them rich people. If you do have access to these, then you are going to have things up there that can really help you beat the heat. first up is make sure you can have  a white roof this is actually something that your land lord will go for when you show him all the saving you can have by making the switch do to energy costs. Next up is that you gotta make sure you are getting plants that are going to be actively working with you and make sure you have above all shade. Another thing in the planting relm which is unexpected is that the inclusion of mint will actually help trick your body that it is cooler than it is with the fragrance and help you beat that heat.

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